Will TRANSFORMERS 4 And 5 Shoot Back-To-Back And Star Jason Statham?

With the most recent Transformer film Dark OF The Moon taking in over $1 billion at the box office, we weren’t surprised when it was revealed yesterday that toy maker Hasbro, the folks behind the action figures the films are based on, was in active talks with Paramount Pictures for more films. We know a little bit more of the studio’s plans for further Transformers sequels thanks to Variety who is reporting that Paramount is planning on shooting a fourth and fifth film in the franchise back-to-back and that they would like Jason Statham to star in them.

Obviously things are in a very early, nebulous stage so plans could ultimately change, but Paramount hopes that by shooting the two sequels concurrently they would be able to save some money on production costs and Hasbro would have more time to get tie-in toys designed and on store shelves. Such a move isn’t without precedence. It was done with the two Back To The Future, Matrix and Pirates Of The Caribbean sequels and is being looked at for the next two Fast And Furious films.

Reportedly screenwriter Ehren Kruger, who worked on the last two Transformers films, has pitched a story idea to the studio that they like.

With Shia LaBeouf having called it quits after three films, the studio is now looking for someone else to headline the franchise and the supposedly the name being brought up again and again is Jason Statham’s. The star is known more for his hard-hitting and gritty R-rated action pics and strikes me as a strange fit for the family-friendly franchise.

However these plans develop, don’t plan on seeing a new Transformers film in theaters anytime soon as the films wouldn’t begin gearing up until late 2012 and early 2013, giving director Michael Bay plenty of time to squeeze in his much discussed passion project Pain And Gain.

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