Ebert Blasts TITANIC 3D Conversion As “A Shabby Way To Treat A Masterpiece”

Noted film critic Roger Ebert has for some time been critical of the new wave of 3D films that have been coming out of Hollywood, taking aim at their deficiencies both as films and in their technical presentation. Well, Ebert has had a chance to see the newly 3D converted version of James Cameron’s Titanic, and not surprisingly, he takes some shots at the result, calling it “a shabby way to treat a masterpiece.”

The bulk of Ebert’s review discusses the film and how some of the minor flaws in the movie, mostly about some character actions, but in the last two paragraphs he unloads on what he sees are the problems with the conversion process done on the film. Some of his comments are reiterations of complaints that he has voiced in the past about the low light level of most 3D films today and that the conversion doesn’t work because the Titanic was never originally intended to be seen in 3D.

And Ebert’s points address some things that I am sure that Cameron and studio Twentieth Century Fox were probably hoping that no one brings into the conversation as the film draws close to its April 4 release date. Good luck to their marketing departments with that.

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