New MIB 3 Trailer Feels Like Old MIB Flicks

Sony needs Men In Black 3 to be a big hit. And it looks like they’re thinking that will happen is by reminding people what was good about the first two films. Much like the first trailer for the film, the second trailer for Men In Black 3 emphasizes weird aliens, wacky hi-jinks and Will Smith cracking wise in between short glimpses of the film’s time travel plot. But is it enough to energize people’s interest in a third Men In Black film over a decade after the second one? In casual conversations I’ve had with friends, I haven’t been able to find one person who feels that this is the big film they’re looking forward to this summer. Anecdotal to be sure, but it still looks like Sony has a lot of work to do in order to get butts into seats over the next couple of months.

Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin star alongside Alice Eve, Emma Thompson, Rip Torn, Johnny Knoxville, and Jemaine Clement. Men In Black 3 premiers May 25, 2012.
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