Angie Harmon: She-Hulk?

When a film becomes such a hit that it enters the global consciousness, it tends to encourage famous people to come out and profess their love for the movie franchise–and campaign for a role in it. The most famous example of this is Samuel L. Jackson, a fan of the Star Wars franchise who campaigned for–and won–the chance to be a character in prequel trilogy.

Add Angie Harmon to that list. The former Law and Order and Baywatch Nights star has let in be known: she wants to play the Marvel comic character She-Hulk. She really, really wants to.

She-Hulk, in the comic books, is Jennifer Walters, a Los Angeles lawyer who happens to be a cousin to Bruce Banner. When she is shot by members of an organized crime family she was trying to bring to justice, cousin Bruce was on hand to give her a blood transfusion that saved her life. As we all know, Bruce Banner is also the Hulk, and he passed his “curse” onto Jennifer, who became able to turn into a female version of the Hulk called She-Hulk.

The character, created by Stan Lee and John Buscema in 1980, has had a number of series in her name, and has been a member of the Fantastic Four and, you guessed it, The Avengers.

Harmon has been tweeting her desire to play the character for a while now. The picture to the left is a photo of Harmon “getting into character” that Harmon shared on Twitter. A fan doctored the original photo so it was color-correct, and Harmon tweeted that shot as well.

Entertainment Weekly reports that during the Turner networks up fronts, where Harmon was promoting the third season of her current series, Rizzoli and Isles, Harmon couldn’t stop talking about how much she loved The Avengers. Talk soon turned to her desire to play She-Hulk:

“I have to be her,” Harmon said. “You don’t understand. I have to be her. It’s the best quote ever when The Hulk turns around and goes ‘I’m always angry.’ I was like, Ohmygod! I stood up in the theater and literally cheered. I did.”

And she’d be fine wearing She-Hulk’s skimpy costume? ”I would rock that like there is no tomorrow. I would kill that outfit. I’d put these 36Cs on display. Boom!” she said. “And what about her libido? That’s my favorite part. She-Hulk, bed! She-Hulk, screw! Can you imagine? Then she just picks him up and throws him around the room like the Hulk did with the bad guy. [Makes smashing noises.] But apparently, she’s normal size.” Well, no role is perfect.

Well, we can learn two things from that quote: Harmon’s breast size and that she seems really enthusiastic about the character. Add to this to the fact that earlier in the article she was schooling Mark-Paul Gosselaar (also there for the Turner up fronts) on the history and origins of the character, and it appears that Angie Harmon is a She-Hulk fan girl. More power to her. My respect for her has grown.

It’s hard to tell if Harmon is completely serious, joking, or a combination of the two, but I think Marvel studios could do worse than consider Harmon for the role if they ever decide to bring She-Hulk to the big screen. Especially considering that in the 1990s we came close to having Brigitte Nielsen play the character on film. And her origin story could be a good B-plot for and Incredible Hulk film, if Marvel decides to make one with Mark Ruffalo.

So far, there has been nothing in Marvel’s future plans for a film version of She-Hulk. But you got to love Angie Harmon to keep trying.

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