Heather Graham Back For HANGOVER 3

One of the criticisms that was leveled at The Hangover 2 was that it was pretty much a carbon copy of the first film but without the charm. And by charm, I believe critics were referring to Heather Graham whose worst mother/stripper character of Jade was missing from the comedy sequel.

We’ll get to see if Graham is the magic ingredient for a Hangover film with next May’s release of The Hangover Part III as it has been announced that the actress has signed on to the threequel.

When we last saw Graham’s Jade she had become the bride of Ed Helms’s Stu thanks to some late night drunken nuptials. However when the sequel took the bachelor party boys of Helms, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha to Bangkok with barely a line or two to explain her absence.

While the film’s storyline is being kept under lock and ley, at least its plot won’t be another rehash of the original’s script according to most reports. I would feel safe in betting that there will be serious drinking involved in some manner though.

Franchise vets Mike Epps and Ken Jeong are also returning for the film.

Shooting is expected to commence in a couple of weeks for the film’s May 24, 2013 release.

Via Variety.

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