First AVENGERS Deleted Scene Reveals Confused Banner

The blu-ray and DVD release of this summer’s runaway blockbuster The Avengers is due next month, but already Marvel Studios has given us our first taste of what to expect from the supplemental materials in the form of a deleted scene featuring Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, aka the Incredible Hulk.

The scene comes towards the end of the film after the Hulk’s hasty exit from the SHIELD helicarrier several thousand feet in the air and comes to land in a deserted factory somewhere on the outskirts of Manhattan.

While it means we wound up seeing less of the always entertaining Harry Dean Stanton in the final product, it is easy to see why writer/director Joss Whedon cut the scene. From a pacing standpoint, it adds an extra minute away from returning to the alien invasion of midtown New York big action sequence. This is indeed a nice moment for Bruce’s character and goes right to its core, further illuminating his later line of “I’m always angry.” But, I would say that Ruffalo has been playing the character with this as subtext all through the movie anyway and the scene is just a bit too on the nose.

The Avengers blu-ray and DVD hits shelves on September 25.

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