A Look At Two Possible IRON MAN 3 Armors (Possible Minor Spoilers)

One of the plot points we know of for Iron Man 3 is that there will be a large number of Iron Man armor variations seen in the film at some point. A pair of possible designs have shown up over at Geek Tyrant and, if they aren’t just some fan designs that have been mistaken for production art, then they may hint at some possible minor plot points in the upcoming film, most specifically the second one below. The first is being called “Hulkbuster Armor,” which makes sense for Tony Stark to develop even if he did seem to be all friendly with Bruce Banner at the end of The Avengers. The second appears to be similar to a toy concept that surfaced recently claiming to be “Outer Space Armor,” again, something that Stark would understandably develop given what happened in The Avengers.

The folks over at Bleeding Cool seem to think that we’ll be seeing both of these designs briefly in the second full-length Iron Man 3 trailer, due next weekend with Oz, The Great And Powerful. So we may know the veracity of these designs in just under two weeks.



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February 25, 2013 3:10 pm

The outerspace suit looks like something I saw on Deviant Art a couple of years ago, someone ‘mocked’ up what a NASA version of the suit would look like.