It’s Not Deja Vu, It’s The Trailer For WHITE HOUSE DOWN

WhiteHouseDown1Director Roland Emmerich blew up the white House rather memorably in 1996’s Independence Day, although that was just one small moment in the overall film. This summer, he’s going to demolish the White House again, but this time he’ll do take his time in doing so. The first trailer for his upcoming action film White House Down has hit and as you can see, it is going to cause some severe property damage to the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Blvd. I don’t think that they’re getting their damage deposit back.

I have to admit that I am surprised that Columbia pushed the trailer out while the similarly-themed Olympus Has Fallen is still in theaters and doing good box office. Oddly enough, a number of writers have been describing Olympus Has Fallen as “Die Hard in the White House,” but having read the screenplays for both films, I can say that it is White House Down that owes far more to the seminal Bruce Willis action film than Olympus Has Fallen does. Emmerich even has star Channing Tatum in a wife-beater t-shirt like Willis’s! Watching the trailer below, though, I am a bit concerned that Emmerich may have darkened up the script’s tone, which was similar to Die Hard‘s.

White House Down hits theaters June 28.

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