See A Deleted Knife Fight From A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD


Action sequences get developed for movies but don’t make it into the final product all the time. The reasons can vary from something as simple as cost to changes in the screenplay move the story in a different direction. For A Good Day To Die Hard, Eric Jacobus at The Stunt People was brought on to develop a knife fight sequence between hero John McClane (Bruce Willis) and bad guy Alik (Rasha Bukvic). Unfortunately, the sequence got cut before it could be filmed for the movie, but Jacobus has shared the video his crew shot while developing the sequence. On The Stunt People’s YouTube channel, Jacobus notes that this footage won’t be on the upcoming blu-ray releaseof the film, so enjoy it now.

For my money, the sequence is pretty intense and rivals, if not exceeds, much of what we saw in the final film. It’s a shame that this wasn’t included.

Via Bleeding Cool.

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