GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Adds Ophelia Lovibond.

ophelia-lovibond The Hollywood Reporter tells us that charmingly named British actress Ophelia Lovibond has joined the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy. What they haven’t told us is what role she was playing.

Or did they?

The current version of this story on the Heat Vision blog states this about her role.

Details of Lovibond’s role are being kept in the further reaches of deep space, home of Marvel’s security bunker.

However, if we were to go over to Bleeding Cool, it appears Brendan Connelly saw an earlier version of the press release where the blog gave out exactly what role Lovibond would be playing, Collector_Taneleer_Tivanan assistant to the cosmic being known as The Collector. Heat Vision even described the character for their readers:

A near-immortal being… who gathers artifacts and beings in the hopes of saving them from a foretold galactic annihilation.

It appears obvious that the version of the Heat Vision blog  Connelly read is much different than the one currently on site. If that’s the case, why did Heat Vision retract the previous information? Pressure from Marvel maybe?


Connelly theorizes that Lovibond will be portraying the Collector’s daughter, Carina. If so, this might set up an appearance by Korvac. Korvac is one of the Avenger’s greatest villains, a time travelling computer analyst who figures out how to tap into cosmic power and tries to conquer the Earth. Carina is sent by the Collector to spy on Korvac,but the woman eventually falls in love with him.

However, looking at Lovibond, she might just be playing another Marvel cosmic character–Nebula.  Nebula is the self professed  grand-daughter of Thanos and has allied herself with Gamora in the past. Lovibond certainly has Nebula’s look.

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