Marvel Announces A Second Film For 2016

MarvelStudiosHeader1 If you were upset that Marvel Studios/Disney only announced one film for 2016 a week or so back, don’t be. You will still get your “two Marvel films a year” fix in for that year at least.

The studio just announced a second Marvel Studios film will be released on July 8, 2016. This comes only two months that year’s other Marvel film hits theaters on May 6, 2016, much closer than Marvel likes to space them. The subject matter or title of the film was not given.

Of course, this raises a whole bunch of questions. Since the two films are so close together, could they be related in some way? Since it is so close to July 4th, could this be another Captain America films?  And since they are spaced so close together, could we possibly be shifting to a three film per year schedule, with another film to come in November of 2016?

And the biggest question of all is what heroes will be appearing those films. Will it be Dr. Strange? The Incredible Hulk? Runaways?

We should get some answers next month at the Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con.

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