I would wager that when Monsters University opened last weekend that more than a few people were not just watching the film for itself but also for the numerous in-jokes that animators at Pixar Studios like to include into their output.

For the uninitiated, Pixar animators have made it a tradition to include little nods and winks to not only past films, but to upcoming ones as well. The folks at EW got Pixar to show us where three of these Easter Eggs.

The first, is the number A113, a reference to the Cal Arts classroom where Pixar head honcho John Lasseter and others received their first instruction that set them on the course to where they are now. The second Easter Egg is the familiar Pizza Planet truck, a mainstay of Pixar features all the way back to its appearance in the first Toy Story movie. But the third reference goes back even further to one of the company’s very shorts, Luxo Jr., and the toy ball that becomes the plaything for two lamps.

Now there is one hidden reference to the upcoming Pixar film Dinosaurs, but that film’s director, Bob Peterson, will only confirm that it is there but not where. keep your eyes peeled.




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