Max Landis Not Scripting CHRONICLE 2

Screenwriter Max Landis had stated that he was anxious to take the sequel to his surprise hit movie of teens who gain telekinetic superpowers into a darker territory than he already explored in the first film. However, he won’t be getting that chance. Last evening, he tweeted that he and studio Twentieth Century Fox had parted ways over him scripting the upcoming Chronicle 2.

This turn of events is unsurprising as his father, director John Landis, had mentioned last October that Max was meeting with some resistance from the studio over where he wanted to take the sequel’s story. For his part, Max seems to be fairly sanguine about this turn of events, perhaps because he grew up seeing his father work on developing projects that didn’t happen for the usual various reasons that potential films fall apart.

While we won’t have a Landis-penned Chronicle sequel in our future, we do have his Frankenstein adaptation to look forward to.

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Joe Nazzaro
July 18, 2013 11:14 am

I seem to recall that Fox’s so-called ‘new direction’ was basically more of the same, while Landis had in fact wanted to go in an actual new direction.