SDCC: Whedon Clarifies Some AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Details


There were lots of questions that were asked among fans in the wake of yesterday’s announcement that the Avengers sequel was going to be subtitled Age Of Ultron. Writer/director Joss Whedon has addressed some of those concerns in an interview he did with Marvel,com’s blog.

The most pressing issue that Whedon spoke to first was whether or not the film’s story was going to be based on the just concluded, similarly-titled mini-series.

There was a book called Age Of Ultron and people have assumed that that’s what we’re doing but that is not the case. We’re doing our own version of the origin story of Ultron. The other thing is that in the origin story there was Hank Pym, so a lot of people are assuming he is going to be in the mix, but he’s not.We’re basically taking things from the comics for the movies that we need and can use. A lot of stuff has to fall by the wayside.

Whedon also goes on to say that while getting the team together in the first film was “rousing, but seriously, keeping them together is a completely different problem.” He also hints that Ultron will evolve in the film and that we should see “a couple of different iterations” and that the film will have more of a global scope and deal with The Avengers’s place “not just in America, but in the world.”

Watch the whole interview below –

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William Gatevackes
July 21, 2013 10:35 pm

I have a bad feeling about this.