Is Justin Bieber Up For Robin In BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN?

bieber script 2If this is true, and I’m not saying it is, it might just be the first instance of spite casting in Hollywood history. It would be like Warner Brothers saying “Oh, you though casting Ben Affleck as Batman was bad casting? WE WILL SHOW YOU WHAT BAD CASTING IS!!! OH BOY WILL WE!!!”

So, earlier tonight, Justin Bieber uploaded a picture to what might be his Instagram account which appears to be him holding a script for the Batman vs. Superman film. He posted it with a hashtag that said “#robin??”

Now, I don’t even know if this is actually his official site, but if it is, that doesn’t mean that Warners has really offered the role of Robin in the film to Bieber. Or that this whole thing isn’t just an elaborate prank by the Beebs.

In an investigative look at the picture in the vain hopes of finding something that isn’t true, I have found a couple red flags. If you are familiar with film scripts, this certainly does look like one, right down to the “Bieber” watermark. But a couple things that stand out as possibly being off. One, DC Comics wouldn’t be on the script, it would more likely be DC Entertainment, which DC’s film arm was recently rebranded to. And the script being based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls doesn’t ring true either. Granted, that was what the undertitle of the fourth issue of Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns was called, and that was the issue that featured knock down, drag out fight between Batman and Superman. But if the were crediting the source material, they would have used the main series title, not the issue title.

On top of that, Warner has already said that the film would not be strictly adapting that source material. I believe them, because the Superman in that story is a government flunky, and the Superman at the end of Man of Steel is anything but a government henchman.

Also, while Bieber bears a startling resemblance to the Robin in that book, that Robin was Carrie Kelly, a girl.

Of course, this could be true and the credit is there because they took a enough elements from the story that they had to give credit to the source material, but changed a bunch of things to make it fit into the film continuity. But if this is true, wow.

I think if this turns out to be true, it might just destroy the Internet. Heck, the entire World Wide Web might just meltdown and the governments of world would descend into chaos as all their computer systems explode simultaneously.

Because just giving Justin Bieber a script is enough to generate a backlash akin to the one when the Affleck casting was announced. If he actually gets cast, there might be torches and pitchforks involved. Obama might really have to step in this time.

Granted, I am nowhere near a fan of Justin Bieber, and I know little of his milieu as an actor. The only thing I saw him act in was the episode of Saturday Night Live he hosted last year. And, seriously, you could have replaced him in most sketches with a bushel of turnips and there would be no discernible difference.  That alone makes me hope this is just him using his connection to get a copy of the script just so he could read it. I don’t think I could bear him being cast in any role, let alone Robin.


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