Has X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Been Shot In 48 FPS High-Def?


Despite the hype and build up prior to the release of director Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, many people were critical of the new high-def, 48-frames-per-second format in which the film was presented. So much so that I for one wondered if outside of the remaining two Hobbit films and the upcoming Avatar films from James Cameron, who helped develop the process, if we would ever see another film produced in the format. It looks as if we might be, as Aint It Cool News is reporting that Bryan Singer’s latest installment in Fox’s X-Men franchise, Days Of Future Past, has been shot in the high-def process as well.

Looking to confirm the rumors that had been circulating for some time now, AICN is stating that they have received confirmation from two of their sources, with their second source explaining –

X:DoFP was shot in HFR and will be released in 48fps. The filmmakers played coy because of the negative reaction to the technology when the Hobbit film was released, but love the results and will be standing behind a theatrical release in high frame rate.

Fox is certainly investing a lot of money into Days Of Future Past, with reports of a budget somewhere north of $200 million. And given that it is based on one of the most epic and iconic storylines from nearly five decades worth of comics, it is nice to see Fox throwing some big time resources at the film.

But is the high frame rate process the thing to use here? Many people, myself included, found that the sharper image robbed The Hobbit of that unique filmic visual texture that we have come to expect from film. The immediacy of the process has replaced the subtle, dream-like quality of film and I don’t think it did The Hobbit any favors. Granted the process is in the earliest of days, so it will no doubt be improved upon over time. Will we see that improvement when the film hits theaters on May 23, 2014.

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October 14, 2013 2:16 pm

Has X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Been Shot In 48 FPS High-Def? http://t.co/y8pMkYyPV1

Michael Henley
October 14, 2013 3:05 pm