Logan Lerman Confirms No Third PERCY JACKSON Film


Bad news for fans of the film adaptations of the Percy Jackson And The Olympians young adult novels. Logan Lerman, who has played the titular young hero in the two films already made from the books has stated that there will not be a third.

Lerman broke the news while speaking with MTV primarily about his role in Noah, which opens this weekend.

It’s not happening… It’s been a great experience for me.It’s opened up a lot of doors for me, but I don’t think it’s happening.

The film series is an adaptation of the books by Rick Riordan in which the titular teen hero finds out that he is descended from one of the Greek gods of ancient myth and that knowledge plunges him into a hidden world of demi-gods and their schemes for powers. The first film, 2010’s The Lightening Thief, did well enough to get the second film, last year’s Sea Of Monsters, greenlit. Both films did decent business at the box office, with Sea Of Monsters still clearing nearly $200 million worldwide against its budget of $90 million. But evidently that wasn’t enough for the studio and it looks like those looking for resolution to some of the ongoing storylines left dangling at the end of the second film will have to head on over to their local book stores for the answers.

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