GOONIES Director Richard Donner States That They’re Still Working On A Sequel

There’s really not much new news here, but Richard Donner has confirmed that work is still being done on a possible sequel to his 1985 adventure film The Goonies and that he would hopefully like to get the entire original cast back for the follow up.

Donner made the statement while chatting with a TMZ photographer who was trying to get the Superman: The Movie director to goad the director into saying something hopefully controversial about the current spate of comic book film adaptations. (Perhaps the guy didn’t realize that Donner’s wife is one of the primary producers on Fox’s X-Men franchise?)

Unfortunately for Goonies fans, Donner has been talking about the possibility of a sequel as far back as 1998. It was even mooted as a possible Broadway production in 2007. (And I still would love to see what kind of production number they would have turned “The Truffle Shuffle” into.) While I would welcome an update as to what Mickey (Sean Astin) and his friends are up to in their adult lives and how their experiences chasing after One-Eyed Willie’s treasure changed them, I am not going to put much stock in seeing it actually happening until there are some official announcements from the studio.

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April 7, 2014 11:14 am

GOONIES Director Richard Donner States That They’re Still Working On A Sequel

Ashlynn Drees
April 7, 2014 11:17 am

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Josephine Szczepanski Campbell
April 7, 2014 2:02 pm

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