Fassbender Confirms PROMETHEUS 2 Happening


While Twentieth Century Fox has still to make any official announcement, all signs are pointing to the sequel to Ridley Scott’s 2012 Alien prequel Prometheus hitting the theaters in March 2016. Now Michael Fassbender, who appeared in Prometheus as the android David, is saying that the film is indeed going to happen, he just doesn’t know when he will be reporting for work.

Speaking with Collider while on the press tour for X-Men: Days Of Future Past which opens in a couple of weeks, Fassbender stated that “I love Ridley. He’s a master filmmaker,” but when asked about when they would be working together he confessed “[B]ut when I don’t know.”

This past March, Michael Green was brought aboard to do a rewrite of the Prometheus 2 screenplay that Transcendence scripter Jack Paglen had already turned in. Paglen had previously worked with Scott on the screenplay to a new Blade Runner film that is still in development. Scott is currently working on his Biblical epic Exodus, but is expecting to be done with that over the summer. If he did start into Prometheus 2 during the fall, he could very well make that speculated March 2016 date. Perhaps Fassbender should keep his calendar clear for the later months of the year?

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