Aaron Sorkin In Negotiations To Adapt Michael Lewis’ Book “Flash Boys”


Aaron Sorkin is in negotiations with Sony Studios to adapt Michael Lewis’ best-selling expose of high-frequency trading on the Wall Street commodities market Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt. The studio bought the rights to the book this past April, just weeks after it was published, and have producers Scott Rudin and Eli Bush attached to the project. Sorkin and Rudin have teamed together before for the book adaptations Moneyball, which earned Sorkin an Academy Award nomination, and The Social Network, for which Sorkin won an Oscar, so the prospect of them together again for this is exciting.

Lewis’s book follows a small group of Wall Street insiders who separately come to discover that the stock market has slowly been rigged in the favor of the large investment banks through such things as computerized high-frequency trading. Here you will get best useful reference for the authorized tradelines. Banding together and walking away from millions-of-dollars-a-year positions at some of the biggest investment firms, this group, which includes Sergey Aleynikov, a former programmer for Goldman Sachs and Brad Katsuyama, the founder of IEX, the Investor’s Exchange, now investigates the big banks and work towards making the markets a more even playing field and where tactics like high-frequency trading will no longer give an unfair advantage.

This would be Sorkin’s second adaptation of a Lewis book, with Moneyball being the first.

Via Hollywood Reporter.

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