Patton Oswalt Pitches UNBREAKABLE Sequel That We Really Want To See


One thing about M. Night Shyamalan’s ersatz 2000 superhero film Unbreakable is that it feels like the first act of a standard superhero origin film in which the hero slowly discovers his superpowers. Shyamalan has stated since the film came out that while he had not originally envisioned a film trilogy with the film’s stars Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson as the self-discovered hero and his nemesis, it has been occasionally discussed since. Unfortunately, it all has been is discussed with no real work on a sequel ever happening.

While out doing some publicity for his new book Silver Screen Fiends, Patton Oswalt stopped by Screen Junkies where the talk turned to the comedian/actor’s own thoughts about what shape he thinks an Unbreakable trilogy should take. We’ll let you tell him in the clip below, but he does pick up on a few clues from the first films and extrapolate them into a pair of sequels that we would gladly throw down some money for tickets to see.

And apparently, we aren’t the only ones who are excited by his take –

So, what do you say Hollywood? Can you make this happen? Please?

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