It’s Simon Kinberg’s Turn to Write A LOGAN’S RUN Reboot


If at first you don’t succeed, hire another writer. That seems to be the motto at Warner Brothers as they continue to try and get a remake of their 1970s dystopian cult classic Logan’s Run mounted.

This most recent attempt involves hiring the busy Simon Kinberg to write the story and treatment for the project under the supervision of producer Joel Silver. The story material will then be handed off to another, as yet unnamed, writer as Kinberg is fairly busy with his duties as a producer and sometimes writer on Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse, Fantastic Four and Deadpool and one of Disney’s upcoming Star Wars: Anthology films.

Warners has been working on this remake of Logan’s Run since the mid-1990s. Future GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra director Skip Woods was signed to the project in 2000 before Bryan Singer took over in 2004. Writers Ethan Gross and Paul Todisco a draft of the screenplay and then Singer teamed with collaborator Dan Harris for a pass before another of Singer’s frequent collaborators Christopher McQuarrie delivered a rewrite. However, after two years of work on a screenplay, Singer backed out of the project in May 2006.

Things lay quiet on the remake for over a year until Joseph Kosinski pitched a version in August 2007 of the story that excited Warners brass so much that they virtually hired the neophyte director on the spot. Although Kosinski worked on yet another new screenplay with Timothy J. Sexton, he soon left the project to direct TRON: Legacy for Disney. In May 2010, commercial director Carl Erik Rinsch was brought on board along with writer Alex Garland. Their participation didn’t last that long however and Gangster Squad scripter Will Beall was called in in April 2011 to work on his take material. The last writer to tackle a Logan’s Run reboot was Ken Levine, creator of the popular Bioshock video game franchise, back in 2013.

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

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