USA Today Recreates BACK TO THE FUTURE II Front Page Tomorrow


Back To The Future Day doesn’t end at midnight tonight.

USA Today, the national newspaper who plays an important part of Back To The Future Part II‘s trip into the futuristic world of 2015, is planning on a special wrap for it’s paper tomorrow replicating the front page of the paper that was featured in the film.

As you recall, when Marty and Doc arrive at October 21, 2015, Doc shows Marty a newspaper from the next day in which it reports that Marty’s son’s problems with the law. This, of course, sets in motion the plot of the film. When Marty saves his son, the headline changes, which raises the question, will the USA Today tomorrow wrap change headlines as time rewrites itself?

If you’re a diehard fan of the franchise, you may notice that there are a few minor changes from the newspaper seen in the film versus the one that will be available tomorrow. The original mentioned a visit to the US by “Queen Diana,” and unfortunately real world events made it necessary to change that one. Also, since the bottom half of the paper was not seen in the film, the folks at USA Today had to go ahead and create their own stories for that section. Take note of the bottom left most article.


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