SDCC 2016: Surprise JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer Is Surprisingly Good

Justice League FlashThe Wonder Woman trailer was rumored to be part of Warner Brothers San Diego Comic Con panel starting this morning and you knew they were going to have a Suicide Squad trailer. But Justice League? That’s a surprise. And it turns out a pleasant one at that.

It appears Zack Snyder and company have taken the complaints of Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice being too serious to heart. Because while it is still shot in an overly dark, murky way that make everything look dirty, there is a whole lot more humor presented in the clip. As a matter of fact, there were more jokes in this 2:45 trailer than there were in the last 5 DC films combined. It gives the impression that the film will be lighter in tone, something the franchise desperately needs.

So, what did we get. Well, we got Bruce Wayne visiting a small village…somewhere:

Justice League Bruce Wayne…where he meets Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman:

Justice League Aquaman close-upAquaman seems to be the bad-ass antihero of the group, judging by his general anti-social nature. He also has a cool way of returning home:

Justice League WaterWe also see the MacGuffin that sets the plot off. Is that a Mother Box? Or something else?

Justice League MacGuffinWe also see Victor Stone…:

Justice League Cyborg as human
…and Cyborg on-screenJustice League Cyborg in costume

Bruce also goes to find Barry Allen…Justice League Bruce waiting for Barry…and tests out his speed.

Justice League Barry BatarangI like the way they have differentiated this Flash from the one we see each week on the CW. Very similar yet very different.  There was no Green Lantern or official villain, but there are still plenty of trailers to come.

Here is the trailer for you:

Justice League will be in theaters in November 2017.

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