First Look At Brie Larson As CAPTAIN MARVEL

Page Six of The New York Post is known for exposing which celebrity is cheating on their wife or which one got in a drunken brawl. They apparently have expanded their reach, as they have given us our first look at Brie Larson in costume as Captain Marvel.

The site says that Larson was spotted filming Atlanta yesterday. As to what she is filming, that is a bit of a mystery. Captain Marvel is still in pre-production. Technically, Avengers 4 is still filming, and the character is rumored to be included in that film,  but the images, which feature Larson’s Carol Danvers looking at a chart and delivering a painful handshake to a bearded man, have the feel of a post-credits sequence to me.

Of course, the most noticeable thing about the costume is color scheme, which trades the red and gold scheme for a green and silver. io9 thinks the change is due to Marvel Studios wanting to tip the hat to the original, male version of the character, which had a green and white color scheme. My thoughts? The green is so computer generated graphics can be added in in post.

Here are the pictures for your enjoyment:

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