New Screenwriters Set For Spider-Man Spinoff SILVER & BLACK

Screenwriters Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson-Dworet have been hired by Sony to do the latest script draft for the studio’s upcoming film Silver & Black featuring Spider-Man spinoff characters Silver Sable and Black Cat.

Previously Beer worked on Chaos Walking, a post apocalyptic thriller from Lionsgate starring Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland. She has also worked in the writers room for several high-profile genre projects including Transformers, King Kong Vs Godzilla and Quentin Tarantino. Robertson-Dworet brings experience in writing female lead action heroes having written the currently in production Captain Marvel for Marvel Studios and the Tomb Raider reboot due later next month starring Alicia Vikander.

The Secret Life Of Bees director Gina Prince Bythewood is set to direct Silver & Black. She had also written the previous draft that Beer and Robertson-Dworet will be working from.

The characters are part of the Spider-Man film rights package that Sony owns. Recently, the studio has been looking at exploiting those rights by featuring a number of supporting characters from the comics in films of their own. To that end, the studio already has a movie featuring popular anti-hero Venom starring Tom Hardy in the pipeline for later this year. Although Sony has a sharing agreement with Marvel Studios for the Spider-Man character, allowing characters from either studio to crossover to appear in the other studio’s films, they have been unclear if the agreement extends to the Venom, Silver & Black or any other Spider-Man spinoff project that Sony is developing.

Black Cat is, appropriately enough, an acrobatic cat burglar whose secret identity of Felicia Hardy has had the occasional fling with Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker. Silver Sable is a freelance mercenary who specializes in the hunting down of war criminals.

Sony has set a release date for Silver & Black for February 8, 2019, so we expect there to be casting announcements starting fairly soon.

Via Hollywood Reporter.

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