David Bautista Is “Nauseated” By Having To Work For Disney on GUARDIANS VOL 3

Drax Bautista

David Bautista’s Guardians Of The Galaxy character of Drax is pretty straight spoken and that’s a characteristic that Bautista seems to share.

Bautista was one of the first to speak out against Disney’s decision to fire Guardians franchise director James Gunn, following the unearthing of old tweets of Gunn’s by alt-right garbage person Mark Cernovich. And the actor is still expressing his displeasure over how the incident was handled by Disney, stating over the weekend that he would fulfil his contractual obligations towards the franchise, but that he was “nauseated” to be working for a company who would gave to pressure from “cybernazis”.

Last week the main cast from the first two Guardians Of The Galaxy films released a joint statement of support for Gunn, noting that they were “discouraged by those so easily duped into believing the many outlandish conspiracy theories surrounding him.”

Noted scumbag Chernovich unearthed the decade-old tweets – for which Gunn had previously apologized years earlier – in a move to discredit the director, an outspoken critic of Donald Trump. Chernovich has previously stood trial for rape. Chernovich first rose to prominence during the “GamerGate” movement, in which giant man-babies threw temper tantrums over women who wanted to play, write about and create video games. He also helped to push the idiotic conspiracy theory that Hilar Clinton was running a child sex ring from the basement of a Washingto DC pizzeria known as “PizzaGate.”

The third Guardians film was slated to begin production later this Fall for a potential 2020 release. Gunn had already completed the film’s screenplay, which the studio is presumably jettisoning along with Gunn’s services as director. It is likely that Marvel Studios will be quietly postponing the film while the search for a new screenwriter and director gets underway.

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