Warner Brothers Is Developing A SUPERGIRL Film

DC Comics has a deep rich catalog of interesting and diverse characters, and maybe we’ll see some of them some day when they are done with their new focus on their A-listers.

Deadline is reporting that Warner Brothers is developing a film based on Supergirl. No producers or director has been attached yet, but screenwriter Oren Uziel (Mortal Kombat, 22 Jump Street) is working on a script.

On the one hand, I can see why Warner Brothers is going in this direction, They seem to be leaning hard into basing projects on the most popular DC Comics characters and Supergirl is definitely one of their most well-known characters. She is probably the second most popular female comic book character behind Wonder Woman and ranks in the top ten of all comic book characters regardless of gender.

However, there is already a Supergirl TV show on the CW, and it’s quite a good representation of the character. Warners is going to face the same problems as they do with the Flash film they are developing in that they have to make the movie different enough from the TV show so not to draw viewers away from it but similar enough so that it captures the essence of the concept.

More on this  as it develops.

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