Rumor Busted: Disney Will Of Course Release Fox X-MEN Movies DARK PHOENIX And NEW MUTANTS

Since it is no longer being used by a certain muckracker who was ousted from her own site a few years back, may we borrow one of her catchphrases to say, “Told ya!”?

Despite sloppy rumor reporting and wishes from certain seedier sectors of fandom, the two X-Men franchise films currently in production at Twentieth Century Fox – Dark Phoenix and New mutants – will not be shelved by Disney once the merger of the two entertainment conglomerates finalizes. Instead, the films will be given proper theatrical releases.

The Wall street Journal clarified the fate of the films in a larger article about what the future holds for many Fox properties once they fall under Disney ownsership.

Back when this rumor first surfaced last month, we doubted and outlined a number of reason why you should doubt it as well. The Wall Street Journal’s piece today stated that all projects that were in production or completed and waiting release at the time the ink finally dries on the deal – which could be as far away as a year from now – will be released.

The rumor that these films would be shelved is traceable back to an anonymous internet posting which a certain site that depends heavily on sensationalized and often misleading headlines to drive traffic ran as fact without any actual corroboration. Hilariously enough, their new post reporting on how wrong they initial were does an amazing job of tripping all over itself in trying to excuse their slapdash “journalism.”

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