NYCC 2018: New STAR WARS Books, Comics Announced

New York Comic Con has always been a source of announcements for new Star Wars books, and this year’s con is no exception. This weekend, a panel lead by Lucasfilm Creative Director Michael Siglain pulled back the curtain on a number of new book projects that fans will want to be adding their shelves.

First up is Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy writer Chuck Wendig’s new project, which will take him from prose to comics – Shadow Of Vader, a five-part miniseries coming in November from Marvel Comics which will follow the lives of various people who have encountered the titular Dark Lord of the Sith and lived to tell the tale.

“Vader is a character with a long shadow, literally and figuratively,” Wendig stated. “His legacy is deep and unpleasant.”

Wendig went on to explain that each issue would follow a character or group of characters and their encounters with Vader. The first issue Wendig called his Friday the 13th homage and would feature Vader hunting down kids at summer camp. Subsequent issues would feature fan favorite character Willrow Hood, a Death Star morgue attendant, members of the Acolytes of the Beyond – who were briefly introduced in Wendig’s Aftermath books – and a Rebel pilot whose parents were killed by Vader who discovers that Leia is his daughter.

Also announced was the novel Alphabet Squad. From Alexander Freed, this story is set after Return Of The Jedi and will feature a group of Rebel pilots of disparate fighter craft coming together to hunt down some of the remaining, fragmented Imperial forces. Freed has already penned the Rogue One novelization as well as the adaptation of the video game Battlefront: Twilight Company, so he is already versed in the grittier, war-torn side of the Star Wars galaxy.

The panel also unveiled the cover art for Star Wars: Master & Apprentice, a novel featuring Qui-Gon Jinn and his young padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi written by Star Wars: Falling Stars and Bloodline author Claudia Gray. It is set to hit book stores in April of next year.

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