AQUAMAN Character Posters Give Us A Better Look At The Cast

Aquaman is about one month and one week away from being released, so what better time to release character posters for the stars of the film.

That’s what we are getting. Here are seven posters for seven major characters from the film, and at first glance, it is refreshing that they decided to go lighter with this film than they did with previous DCEU films.

Here is the rundown:

Arthur Curry

I’m kind of amazed that the film makers went with a slight variation of the classic comic book costume for the film. Yes, the orange and green chain mail has been his look since he first appeared in the 40’s. But if they moved away from anything with the character, I thought it would have been that.


Sorry, it’s PRINCESS Mera. My mistake.

In the comics, Mera was a princess from an alien dimension Xebel, but it looks like that origin might be changed for the film to another land of sea-dwelling people.

Black Manta

Having Black Manta and King Orm/Ocean Master in the same film might be a bit of overkill. Both have been big enough adversaries for Aquaman that they each be the bad guy of their own film. But having Manta work for Orm, as I assume will be what happens here, does fit into his character.

King Orm

Leave it to James Wan to give his frequent collaborator Patrick Wilson the role of the big bad. Wilson is a great actor, and I look forward to him chewing scenery in this role.

King Nereus

Dolph Lundgren looks mighty regal here, doesn’t he? He plays the king of Xebel and father to Mera.

Queen Atlanna

The veteran actress who looks 16 in this poster will play mom to Arthur and Orm. She will also supposedly have a role in raising Mera as well as her sons.


We haven’t seen much of Willem DaFoe’s Vulko up to this point. In the comics, he was an ally and advisor to Aquaman. Here, he looks like the first Atlantean serial killer.

Aquaman opens on December 14, 2019

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