TRON 2 Progress?

With the writer’s strike leaving the fate of a multitude of in-development projects up in the air, it seems as there is at least some movement on a few films, one of them being Tron 2, the proposed sequel to the 1982 groundbreaking special effects film.

During an interview for his upcoming film The Amateurs, Tron star Jeff Bridges told that he has been approached about the sequel and that he’s set to be pitched some ideas for the film pretty soon. Obviously, such news implies that his character of Flynn, a computer hacker who is sucked into a computer and forced to battle through a series of deadly video games to free a computer network from an oppressive master control program, will return in the sequel. Although he doesn’t have any clues as to what what he will be pitched, he is hoping that they will be as innovative as the ones that intrigued him enough to the original film.

But the reasons to do it and the reason I did that one [the original Tron] was because it was so innovative and I understand that they’ve got a whole new batch of stuff like that… innovations that they want to use on this, so that could be kind of fun.

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