JUSTICE LEAGUE Cast Starting To Leak?

Some of the tightest lips in Hollywood right now seem to be the ones holding back the information of whom director George Miller has cast in his upcoming liveaction superhero match up Justice League. Although there has been some reporting as to who has audtioined, there have been no firm announcements as to who actually passed them. Current speculation says that an official announcement could come anytime between this weekend’s WizardWorld convention in Arlington to some time next week.

Late last night, however, some of the major news sites all began reporting the possibility of how might be occupying four of the major roles in the film. They are-

Scott Porter- Superman
Adam Brody- Wally West/The Flash
Common- John Stewart/Green Lantern
Teresa Palmer- Talia al Ghul

For those not that immersed in comic book lore, Talia al Ghul is the daughter of the immortal environmental terrorist Ra’s al Ghul, who was portrayed in Batman Begins by Liam Neeson.

Whether this will pan out, is wrong or even just a bit of clever studio misdirection to give the actual announcement extra punch remains to be seen.

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