Behold The Second WATCHMEN Trailer

I just got back from an early evening screening of Quantum Of Solace (more on that tomorrow afternoon), where we also got to see the new Watchmen trailer, embedded below.

If the first trailer was aimed at comics fans to show how director Zack Snyder endevored to stay faithful to the classic graphic novel, this second one seems designed to fill in the general, i.e.,┬áthe non comic-book reading,┬ápublic just what the film is about. We see a bit of the Comedian’s murder, which opens the film, as well as bits and pieces that sketch the scope of the story without really giving much away in terms of specific plot details.

If you’re planning on seeing Quantum Of Solace this weekend, I recommend you wait and watch the trailer for the first time at the theater to fully get the visual impact of the trailer. Of course, if you just can’t wait, it is available below, or over at Yahoo in high def.

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