New WATCHMEN Promo Offers New Footage

Watchmen is a massive spectacle unlike anything you’ve ever seen.”

So enthuses director Zack Snyder about his adaptation of the classic graphic novel at the end of the promotional video embedded below.

But will we ever get to see the film anytime soon?

It seems that with all the lawyer posturing going on between 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers this past week, it makes me think that we might not be seeing the movie on its scheduled release date of March 6.

And amidst the flurry of the judge’s rulings, studio claims and counterclaims, it is hard for those of us on the sidelines watching this legal battle heating up to determine who, if anyone, is in the right. Did Warner Brothers lawyers neglect to properly research the property’s chain of title to determine if they were acquiring all the rights they thought they were? Did producer Lawrence Gordon somehow persuade executives at Warner Brothers that he was selling them something he didn’t have to sell? Did Fox approach Warners about a settlement before the film began shooting only to be rebuffed as they claim, or did they lay in wait until the movie was finished and looking like a potential blockbuster? Unfortunately, it looks like we won’t get the answers to these questions unless there’s a trial.

So in the meantime, enjoy the new production video for Watchmen below. (Ironically, its from MySpace, which is owned under the same corporate umbrella that Fox is.) Keep an eye out for some new footage in the piece. It may be the last new Watchmen footage we see for a while.

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