Is New Kevin Smith Film Title A COP OUT?

acoupleofdicks1While there has been no official announcement yet, it seems that Slash Film has solved the mystery of what the new title of Kevin Smith’s buddy cop comedy formerly known as A Couple of Dicks starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan will be- Cop Out.

The evidence is as follows-

  • Smith has described the new title as “ironic.”
  • The Film Stage reports that Warner Brother’s exhibitor’s site is noting a trailer for a film called Cop Out should be placed in front of Sherlock Holmes opening Christmas Day.
  • Smith has stated the promotion for his film will begin with the debut of a trailer in front of Sherlock Holmes.
  • There is no IMDB listing for a 2009 film titled Cop Out.

Seems pretty slam dunk to me.

Although I hate the idea that Smith was forced to change the title of the film just because of its double entendre, I do like that the new title is a slam back at the ridiculousness that forced him to change it. It’s probably the best re-titling of the film since the MPAA forced Matt Stone and Trey Parker to change the title of South Park Goes To Hell, and the pair came up with and got approved the uncircumcised penis joke South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut.

In the wake of the release of this year’s Black List last Friday, one commenter had noted that a sure way to get your script onto the List was to have a provocative title, preferably with swear words in it. Cop Out/ A Pair Of Dicks made the cut for last year’s Black List, sharing space with such scripts as Fuckbuddies and I Want To Fuck Your Sister. Makes you wonder what title changes will be in store for The Hand Job from this year’s List gets a greenlight.

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