MGM Delays More Films

If you were looking forward to seeing the upcoming remake of Red Dawn or the Joss Whedon-produced horror film Cabin In The Woods, you’re going to have wait a bit longer. Although both films are completed, MGM has removed them from their release schedule due to the fact that the cash-strapped studio can’t finance their release.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering that the next installment of the James Bond franchise was placed on hold back in April and director Guillermo del Toro left The Hobbit just a few weeks ago due to delays in getting a greenlight to begin production.

Red Dawn, a remake of John Milius’s jingoistic 1984 action film, was originally scheduled for a November release. Cabin In The Woods had originally been planned for a release this past February, though that was pushed to next January so the film could be put through a post-production 3D conversation.

While the continuing delays of all of MGM’s films is troubling, I have no doubt that none of these films will stay shelved for long. If MGM finds itself a buyer, they’ll have the cash to properly release Red Dawn and Cabin and go ahead with funding the productions of The Hobbit and new, still untitled, Bond film. If no buyer comes forward, MGM would probably be forced to sell off the films to someone who could actually get them in front of audiences. It’s just a question of when any of this will actually happen.

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