Christopher Guest Planning Next Film

Writer/Actor/Director Christopher Guest is starting to gear up for his next semi-improvised film. After poking fun at community theater, dog competitions, folk music and low budget independent films, Guest and his cast will be focusing their wit on retro culture collectors, folks who collect things like “old comic books, Barbie dolls, vintage magazine ads, vinyl 45-rpm singles, or even Charles Manson song lyrics written on Kleenex.”

(No one like that here… Ahem.)

Guest, along with frequent collaborators writer/actors Michael McKean and Harry Shearer, are reportedly already working on the currently untitled film. It’s too early to know which of the regular ensemble of actors like Jane Lynch, Parker Posey and John Michael Higgins that Guest has used in his films will be in this new project. I would imagine that Lynch’s schedule with the hit show Glee might be an impediment depending on when the film will shoot. Personally, I hope that Lynch will have a place in this new project because I think one of the single most hysterical things she has ever done was the subtle wink she gives the camera during an interview segment with her character’s husband Higgins in A Mighty Wind.

Via SlashFilm.

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