One Half Of PIRATES Scripting Duo Returning For Fifth Installment

Terry Rossio, one of the screenwriting pair who have scripted all four installments of Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, has signed with the studio to write a fifth installment. The move is a surprise in a couple of ways.

First, it’s a strong show of confidence that the studio has in their fourth installment of the franchise, On Stranger Tides, that is still four months away from hitting theaters.

Secondly, it marks the first time that Rossio has taken on an assignment without his writing partner Ted Elliot. The two have been working together since the production of 1989’s Little Monsters. The pair have also authored Small Soldiers, Shrek, The Mask Of Zorro and The Legend Of Zorro. Their work in propelling the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise to a billion dollar asset for the studio.

The news certainly caught nearly all by surprise, Rossio addressed the announcement on the pair’s website message board

It’s not that much of a big deal, really… I can’t speak for Ted, and any comment I make will get spread around the web, so I really shouldn’t say anything, but …

My opinion, Ted’s choice to not gear up for a fifth pirate film at this point is in no way irrational, might even be sensible. It’s very, very difficult to get these projects to the green light stage, it takes a huge effort, a massive commitment of time and energy and creativity, with the outcome uncertain a dozen different ways. It’s a gamble with long odds, and the opportunity costs are huge.

And anyway, until we get a public reaction to On Stranger Tides, any talk of a fifth Pirates film at this point is purely speculative.

Via Deadline.

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