Craig Brewer Signed To Develop TARZAN For Warner Brothers

Hustle And Flow director Craig Brewer has been signed up by Warner Brothers to write and direct a new Tarzan film. The director is currently finishing up his remake of Footloose for Paramount and pending studio approval of the script he turns hopes that it should be the next project of his in front of cameras.

It’s not known if Brewer is planning on adapting any of Tarzan’s creator Edgar Rice Burrough’s 25 original novels for whatthe director hopes will ultimately become a trilogy of films.

The last time a live-action Tarzan graced the silver screen was in 1998 in Tarzan And The Lost City. Although the film had a number of flaws, it’s basic story drew much inspiration from Burrough’s books, including the series’ recurring setting of the lost city of Opar.

Since then, Warners has been struggling to bring Burroughs’ famous character back to the big screen for some time. Most recently, Stephen Sommers had been working on the project, but apparently couldn’t deliver anything that pleased the studio enough to go forward with.

Brewer won the Audience Award at Sundance in 2006 for Hustle And Flow.

Via Deadline.

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