DAREDEVIL Reboot Will Adapt Classic Comics Storyline

Screenwriter Brad Caleb Kane has been hired to adapt the classic Daredevil comic book “Born Again” storyline for 20th Century Fox’s second attempt at launching a franchise featuring the Marvel Comics superhero. Presumably, this is the news that director David Slade was teasing back on May 28.

Created by the writer and artist team of Frank Miller and Dave Mazzucchelli, the story charts the consequences of Daredevil’s ex-girlfriend Karen Page selling his secret identity of blind lawyer Matt Murdoch for drug money. The information eventually makes its way to Dardevil’s long-time nemesis, Kingpin. Kingpin begins to slowly and methodically taking apart Murdoch’s life. The storyline ran in 1986 in issues #227 to #233 and is generally considered by fans to be the highpoint of Miller’s reinvention of the comic in a more noir vein.

It is probably safe to assume that the draft David Scarpa was hired to pen back in February 2010 has been discarded.

Currently a writer/producer on Fringe, Kane has also written the screenplays for Brooklyn’s Finest, a planned Richard Pryor biopic called View-Master and an adaptation of the best-selling vampire novel The Historian.

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