New Releases: March 16

1. 21 Jump Street (Sony/Columbia, 3,121 Theaters, 109 Minutes, Rated R): Forget about the concept, the 21 Jump Street TV show lends itself to comedy. Abunch of actors pushing 30 playing twentysomethings who pretend to be teenagers to infiltrate high schools to fight crime? And just how many high school districts were in the Jump Street jurisdiction anyway? Enough for four seasons of shows. That just ain’t feasible. In the real world, you usually¬†get three or four precincts to every school district, not the other way around.

Well, enough ranting about a TV show that went off the air over twenty years ago. The show is now making the leap to the big screen in a comedic fashion. Jonah Hill, whose entire film career took place over his twenties and he quite frequently plays teens, and Channing Tatum play cops who infiltrate the local high school to bust a synthetic drug ring.

This film might be worth seeing for the cameos alone. Two of the original four supposedly make an appearance, one of the two has no business slumming even for a cameo. If it is true that he made a cameo, it goes to further prove how cool that actor really is.

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