Be it coincidence or homage or the outright hope that they don’t get caught aping someone else’s movie, filmmakers have been replicating the work of those who have gone before them for some time now. Every now and then we like to stop and point out one of those instances.*

Ladies, isn’t it always embarrassing when you go somewhere and someone is wearing the same outfit as you?

That’s the situation cartoon star Roger Rabbit’s bombshell wife Jessica Rabbit finds herself with anyone who has seen the Daffy Duck short The Super Snooper. In this 1952 animated short from director Robert McKimson, Daffy is a hardboiled, trenchcoated detective by the name of Duck Drake. Summoned by a phone call to the J. Cleaver Axe-Handle Estate to investigate a murder, he is greeted by a knockout lady duck in a familiar slinky red dress and red hair.

Now it is well known that Robert Zemeckis’ ode to the Golden Age of Hollywood animation draws but I’ve never seen mention made that this particular short inspired Jessica Rabbit’s “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way” look, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Judge for yourself.


*And in the spirit of the swipe, we readily acknowledge that we were “inspired” by a similar feature over at Rich Johnson’s comic book news and gossip site, Bleeding Cool.

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