First THOR 2 Plot Rumor Surfaces

As Thor: The Dark World wraps ups its first week of filming, the film’s first big plot rumor has popped up and it is potentially a big one. Read no further of you don’t want to know.

According to sources that Bleeding Cool has spoken to the film’s story contains the death of a major character. As to whom it is –

One of our sources was “pretty sure” it’s going to be Odin who bites the dust, but we’ve talked it over and they’re a “little less sure” now.

Granted Odin has died a few times in the comics, but like most deaths in comics, it didn’t stick to well. But I would actually hate to see if they killed off Odin so soon in the franchise. Anthony Hopkins brought just the right tone of gravitas to the first film before he spent the middle portion of it taking a nap. I would really like to see him stick around for a while to see what further work he could do with the character.

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