Marti Noxon Working On Secret PIXAR Film

For Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans, writer Marti Noxon is a rather decisive figure based on whether or not you liked the developments of the show’s sixth season, which she oversaw. Beyond that she has contributed episodes to Mad Men, Grey’s Anatomy, Angel and Glee, while for the big screen she scripted the recent Fright Night remake and did a polish on I Am Number Four. Now it appears as if one of the next items on her resume will be a film with the folks at Pixar Studios.

The news comes from Pixar’s senior development executive Mary Coleman (via The Playlist) stating that the writer is currently working on an undisclosed film. What’s surprising about this turn of events is that an outsider is working within the usually closed-gate confines of Pixar.

I would like to think that Noxon was hired based on the quality of her resume. But after Pixar’s first female director Brenda Chapman was fired off of Brave and replaced with Mark Andrews, the studio has been open to charges that their Pixar Brain Trust – the group of executives who also work on the creative side of their business – is a boy’s-only club. Her hiring could definitely be seen as pro-active step to dispel that perception.

Either way, I look forward to seeing what film that she has been brought in to work on. Currently the studio has in development Pete Docter’s film that reportedly takes place inside the mind of a young girl. This certainly sounds like a story that could match Noxon’s sensibilities. We’ll see.

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