Schwarzenegger Returns To CONAN!

Check your calendars. It’s not April 1st. Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to the Conan franchise and the barbarian role that launched him into superstardom.

Deadline is reporting that the actor has signed onto The Legend Of Conan to be produced by by Fredrik Malmberg and Chris Morgan through Paradox Entertainment. Paradox also produced last year’s Conan which starred Jason Momoa in the title role. Unfortunately, this makes him now the George Lazenby of the Conan franchise.

Universal Studios, who released the first Schwarzenegger Conan film back in 1982, is set to distribute the film.

Morgan is quoted as stating that this film will ignore the events of both the Momoa film and the Schwarzenegger-starring 1984 sequel Conan The Destroyer. It will pick up on Conan’s later life when we see him as a king, set up by the last image of the first film. The director of Conan The Barbarian, John Milius, authored a sequel script, Conan: Crown Of Iron. That dealt with that same time period. The producers are more likely to look for a new writer for this film. But so far, no writer or director have been attached to the project, but with Schwarzenegger’s involvement, I would imagine that folks are lining up right now to talk with the producers.

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