Mark Millar Promises A SECRET SERVICE Film ‘Every Two To Three Years’

Mark Millar is a one man industry these days. Not only is working on a number of independent comic book titles, he is consulting with Twentieth Century Fox on their Marvel Comic adaptations as well as overseeing the film adaptations of his own work. On that front he currently has Kick Ass 2 in production in England and an adaptation of his mini-series Superior being developed by the director of the first Kick Ass, Matthew Vaughn. Another comic mini-series, Supercrooks, is being developed by director Nacho Vigalondo. Meanwhile, Universal has reportedly fast-tracked a follow-up to their 2008 adaptation of Millar’s Wanted mini-series.

Another film he is working on is his adaptation of his comic series The Secret Service. In the book Millar, and artist Dave Gibbons, focus on a mix of spies, adventure and a dash of social commentary. Vaughn is developing this film as well, having left the director’s chair for X-Men: Days Of Future Past last month in order to fully concentrate on this.

Over the weekend, Millar was talking with fans on twitter about his many projects and mentioned that the Secret Service film adaptation won’t a one-off project but the start of a planned franchise.

Although he did not elaborate on how the casting was inspired, he did knock down one guess from a fan.

(Ben Drew has been in a small handful of British crime dramas, of which only Harry Brown, starring Michael Caine, have gotten any substantial distribution here in the US.)

Lots of good times ahead if you’re a Mark Millar fan. Let’s hope he doesn’t burn himself out with all this work.

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