– John Harrison.

And that is a bit anticlimactic after months of speculation that Cumberbatch was either playing classic Trek baddies Khan or Gary Mitchell. Of course, this news probably won’t stop some from claiming that the name is actually a fake one floated by director J J Abrams to protect some of the movie’s surprises.

The name comes courtesy of TrekMovie who state that the ID of Cumberbatch’s character comes straight from studio Paramount Pictures in conjunction with the photo below that was released today.

So who exactly is John Harrison in Star Trek lore? Well, according to Paramount’s official Star Trek site he was a crew member who was featured in exactly one episode of the original series, “Space Seed.”

A technician first-class on the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2267. Harrison nearly suffocated on the bridge when Khan cut the air supply. Captain Kirk’s log reflected a commendation for him.

Now it is interesting that “Space Seed” is the episode in which Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan‘s titular villain first appeared. I can see this as Abrams having a bit of fun with fans by using the name. And I suppose that the rebooted franchise’s altered timeline could allow for this character to be on the receiving end of the vast telepathic powers that drove Kirk’s friend Gary Mitchell insane in the episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before.” That would certainly fit in with some of the speculation and alleged insider reports that that episode was a starting place for the upcoming film.

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