SPOILER: A Description Of THE WOLVERINE Post-Credit Scene


We’ve told you that there will be a post-credit scene on this week’s The Wolverine. And now that the film is starting to screen, a description of the film’s post-credit scene has been passed along to us. Turn back now if you want to stay unspoiled.

As expected, the scene is there to tease next summer’s X-Men: Days Of Future Past which will feature the return of director Bryan Singer to the X-Men franchise. And what a tease.

The scene opens on Logan (Hugh Jackman) walking through an airport approaching a metal detector. As he approaches the metal detector security check point, he sees a television running an advertisement for Trask Industries, who will be the company behind the robotic Sentinels that will be seen in Days Of Future Past. As he reaches the checkpoint, Logan requests a security pat down as his adamantium skeleton would create a problem if he were to pass through the metal detector.

Before the TSA agent can perform the security pat down, Logan notices that all the loose metal objects in the area are starting to vibrate and float into the air. Swiftly turning around, he finds himself face to face with Magneto (Ian McKellen), who holds Logan still with his power. Magneto tells Logan that humans are building a weapon that could be the end of all mutants. Logan asks why he should trust him and by way of an answer, Professor Xavier (Patrick Stweart) appears in his wheelchair through the crowd. (The crowd is frozen still, much in the same manner we’ve seen Xavier do in previous films.)

As the last time Logan saw Professor X he was dead, he asks “How is this possible?” Xavier reminds him of their first meeting in which he told him that he was not the only one with “gifts.” And as Logan stands between the two enemies who now appear to be working together and contemplates on what that means, the screen goes black.

X-Men Days Of Future Past hits theaters May 23, 2014.

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