Edgar Wright Announces Start Of ANT-MAN Pre-Production With Twitpic

Ant-Man_twitpicWe all knew this day was coming. Eventually, someday, Edgar Wright was going to turn his attention to the Ant-Man film.

It appears that day is today.

BVlsSnaCMAAORnN.jpg largeYes, the British director turned to Twitter to inform fans that he was returning to work on something, and included a picture to show what it is. The picture? A shot of a crouching Ant-Man peering over a ledge, as you can see to the left.

Before everyone goes crazy and starts saying they have started shooting the film, stop. That image was probably taken while filming the test footage that ran at San Diego Comic Con a while back. It seems highly unlikely that shooting has started on the film when casting hasn’t even begun.

Speaking of which, it might be about time we hear some casting rumor about the film. Heck, we should have heard something already. There have been a plethora of casting rumors about Black Panther and Doctor Strange and neither has been officially announced. But expect announcements of stars being cast over the next few weeks.

Ant-Man is set to hit theaters on July 31, 2005.

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